Brazil in the post-pandemic period and the business consequences, mainly because of interdependence with China

Wilson Almeida


The impacts with which Coronavirus disease (COVID 19) has had on the economies of all countries are very large. Probably the biggest after the great crisis of 1929, in Latin America and, more precisely, in Brazil. This article analyzes the interdependence created by the region's relations with China and possible developments after the crisis. Unlike the United States of America, China has very competently reduced the impact of the epidemic on its territory and on its people. As a result, companies and the Chinese government are better able to become partners with Brazil in the post-pandemic period. The consequences for the Brazilian economy and the influence of the Chinese economy will be the object of this study, which aims to contribute to the understanding of the crisis and its impact on Brazilian companies, families and the government. The method used was study and analysis, from primary sources in organizations such as the IMF, Johns Hopkins Hospital and UNDP that are dedicated to this topic and have international credibility.


Interdependence, economics, Covid-19


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